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Aluminium-clad windows – cosy inside, with a tough exterior

Our wooden windows join forces with lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant aluminium to form an especially strong combination. Wood-aluminium windows of this kind offer an unrivalled mix of materials for window construction: from freezing cold to sweltering heat, wooden windows with an aluminium shell can stand up to any weather. On the inside, wood creates a comfortable, natural atmosphere, while outside, weatherproof aluminium is like a second skin protecting the wooden frame.


Sorpetaler aluminium-clad windows in a modern kitchen


Thermal insulation with aluminium-clad windows

Aluminium-clad windows give you simple lines in a modern design. The wood-aluminium pairing – in intelligently engineered windows, balcony doors and patio doors – also increases a building’s energy efficiency. That saves on heating bills and is good for the environment.

square-edged wood-aluminium system

square-edged wood-aluminium system

Our TF 68 Duo K window system has a 68 mm profile thickness and a powder-coated, square-edged aluminium frame covering the wooden sections. Unlike many other systems on the market, Sorpetaler wood-aluminium windows have welded corner joints. All corner regions have a smooth surface without sharp edges. Glass thicknesses up to 40 mm can be used with this system, which means that windows can optionally be fitted with double or triple glazing.

wood-aluminium system with bevelled edge

The TF 68 Duo M wood-aluminium system has bevelled exterior aluminium sections, and a bevel of 20 degrees on the interior wooden window. Sorpetaler wood-aluminium windows are also equipped with three levels of sealing: a middle seal, an interior seal, and a frame seal.

wood-aluminium system with bevelled edge
flush wood-aluminium windows

flush wood-aluminium windows

The TF 68 DUO L wood-aluminium system is a flush-closing window with square-edged exterior aluminium sections and square-edged interior wooden sections. Its straight lines make it an attractive choice for modern new buildings. The special design allows glass thicknesses of up to 50 mm (with 68 mm profile thickness) or 60 mm (with 78 mm profile thickness).

Aluminium-clad windows give you the best of both worlds

Wood-aluminium windows are the highest-quality windows available on the market. The excellent insulating properties of wood are combined with weatherproof aluminium to produce window models that are energy-efficient, robust, and extremely easy to maintain. Their attractive, sleek design is ideal for contemporary facades.

Advantages of aluminium-clad windows

Unlike other window materials, aluminium remains essentially unaffected by the wind and weather. The aluminium shell is impervious to wet and damp, and keeps its good looks for years. In terms of design, there are almost no limits: matt or gloss, in blue, red, grey or gold – the choice of surface finishes is practically infinite. That means you could also combine visually coordinated wooden windows with wood-aluminium windows in your property.

Also note that choosing wood-aluminium windows does not mean you lose out on a natural, comfortable ambience, since the windows are wood on the inside. Meanwhile the wooden frame material ensures the best thermal insulation. For example, the Sorpetaler TF DUO M wood-aluminium model achieves peak energy values (U values) of 1.0 W/m² K with a frame thickness of 78 mm and triple glazing.


With their attractive, stylish design, wood-aluminium windows are an excellent complement to modern buildings. Their long lifespan, low maintenance requirements, excellent thermal insulation performance and high design versatility make them suitable not only for new-build family homes but also for larger-scale projects. But wood-aluminium windows are also a smart choice for bringing older buildings up to date. Inside, the wood emphasises the charm of an older home, while outside the aluminium provides effective protection against the elements.

Care and maintenance

Thanks to their exterior aluminium shell, wood-aluminium windows are extremely low-maintenance. To preserve the decorative appearance of your wood-aluminium windows, however, they should be cleaned regularly. Usually all that’s required is a sponge or cloth and some warm water with a gentle (non-bleach) cleaning agent, such as ordinary washing-up liquid.

Wood-aluminium – not just for windows

Get perfectly matching windows and doors for your home! At Sorpetaler, we manufacture wood-aluminium front doors and patio doors as well as wood-aluminium windows. For access to your patio or balcony, we offer a choice of traditional balcony doors, lift and slide doors, and parallel sliding-tilting doors in wood-aluminium.