Versatile wood windows

The wood window is our much-loved evergreen. Never out of fashion, always cutting-edge. Wood as a material has a whole range of advantages: It is incredibly resilient. Stable and almost infinitely malleable. Durable, sustainable and natural. No doubt about it: Wood windows are our not-so-secret favourites.

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Hardly any building material is as flexible as wood - and equally stable. Using technical jargon, we would say: Wood has the ideal physical properties for the construction of windows. That's why we can build round windows out of wood. Or very large panorama windows. Windows with very slender sash bars. Sliding windows and pivot windows. Or even round arch windows.



climate friendly

Wood only needs sun and water to grow. And in the process, it stores CO₂. Even when processed into windows, the CO₂ is retained inside.

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With proper care, wood windows can last 40 years longer than PVC windows. Blemishes and colour deviations can easily be repaired.



Wood windows can absorb moisture and release it back into the room. Thus, they contribute to a healthy indoor climate.



Wood feels good. It smells good and its natural properties result in ultra stable and durable windows and doors.

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Wood inherently has ideal thermal insulation qualities. With cutting-edge glazing, such windows won’t leave you out in the cold.

In love with wood. Since 1880.

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Wood is warm, scented, alive. That’s what I grew up with. My great-grandfather already was shaped by his love to this unique material. And more than 60 years ago, my father focused all his skills on one of the most sophisticated products that can be built from wood: windows!

Eduard Appelhans

Managing Director

How to get our products

Step 1


You provide us with some basic information about your building project. You are welcome to send us a quick and easy e-mail to

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We forward your enquiry to one of our qualified partners in your area.

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Our partner will provide you with expert advice on products and features on your premises and can prepare a quote. We encourage all partners to also provide installation services directly or indirectly, or assist in finding trained and qualified installers at the local level.

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As soon as we receive the order, we manufacture your windows and doors to size. After delivery, our partner installs them.

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