Unique vertical slider

Vertical sliders have been one of our absolute specialties for thirty years. They are smooth-running, absolutely tight and safe, and a real feast for the eyes. Today we manufacture them to slide up, to slide down or as an electric version. Naturally in wood or wood-aluminum.

Das Vertikal-Schiebefenster
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Our vertical slider

The advantages of a vertical slider



The sash can be pushed up and down with little effort - and can remain in any position.



When closed, Sorpetaler vertical slider are anchored in one plane and are just as tight and secure as regular tilt and turn windows.



Since no window sash protrudes into the room when opened, vertical slider are perfect for small rooms or behind sinks or washbasins.



Our vertical slider is available in frame thicknesses of 68 and 78 mm, with double or triple glazing, made of wood or wood-aluminum.



Whether for old or new buildings, with fixed sash or openable sash, with muntins or as a large seat window - our vertical slider can do it all.

The space wonder

Clearing the windowsill, airing, putting everything back can be quite a pain. And our vertical slider puts an end to it. It's really smart in the bathroom. Above the sink in the kitchen. As a hatch to the terrace. Or as a sales window.

Frequently asked questions about the vertical slider

How to get our products

Step 1


You provide us with initial information about your building project. You are welcome to send us a quick and easy e-mail to contact@sorpetaler.de.

step 2


We forward your inquiry to one of our qualified partners in your area.

step 3


Our partner will provide you with expert advice on products and features at your location and can prepare a proposal. We encourage all partners to also provide installation services directly or indirectly, or assist in sourcing local trained and qualified installers.

step 4


As soon as we receive the order, we manufacture your windows and doors to size. After delivery, our partner installs them.