Sorpetaler front doors

A front door is certainly the most significant part of a house. Only when you walk through your front door, you are really at home. That is why a front door is always an investment for life and deserves your special attention and your own personal signature.

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Modern and traditional front doors

What characterizes our doors



Each Sorpetaler front door already comes with a very high level of protection against burglary, which can be extended upon request.



From a classic old building door with a cassette look to a minimalist new building door, we can implement almost anything.



Opening by keypad or fingerprint - all managed on the smartphone - is also no problem with our front doors.



Sealing profiles protect against wind and weather. The thermally separated bottom track prevents cold bridges.



Our front doors are only available in wood. This is not only sustainable, but also ensures outstanding thermal insulation.

What makes our front doors safe

How to get our products

Step 1


You provide us with initial information about your building project. You are welcome to send us a quick and easy e-mail to

step 2


We forward your inquiry to one of our qualified partners in your area.

step 3


Our partner will provide you with expert advice on products and features at your location and can prepare a proposal. We encourage all partners to also provide installation services directly or indirectly, or assist in sourcing local trained and qualified installers.

step 4


As soon as we receive the order, we manufacture your windows and doors to size. After delivery, our partner installs them.

Smart access

Doors can no longer be opened and closed with just a key. Today, there are various intelligent solutions for your front door.

Frequently asked questions about our front doors