Window and door security

At home we want to feel comfortable. This includes the feeling of security within our own four walls. That's why all our products - both from wood and wood-aluminium - already fulfil a high security standard right from the start and can be made even more secure if desired.

Sorpetaler wooden-front-door oak

Window and french door security

We already put great emphasis on a very high level of security in all our windows and French doors. This level of security can then be increased in three stages. In addition, we can manufacture windows and French doors according to resistance classes RC 1, 2 and 3.

Sorpetaler Security Levels

Sorpetaler Standard Security

Our standard security level uses mushroom pins at all locking points and two steel strike plates on the handle side. These increase security against levering attempts, for example.

Security level 1

For our security level 1, we use steel strike plates at all four corners. An extension piece at the bottom of the panel additionally increases security.

Security level 2

All locking points are equipped with steel strike plates. The windows also have a special handle with concealed anti-drill protection and an anti-lift device, as well as an extension piece at the bottom of the panel.

Security level 3

All locking points have steel strike plates. On the hinge side of the window there are additional locking points and a lever-out protection device. On the handle side, double corner protection provides more security. The windows have an extension part inside the panel and a window handle with concealed anti-drill protection. If needed, the handle can be locked.

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What makes our front doors safe

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Tips for more security

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