Balcony doors

Strictly speaking, a balcony door is not a door at all. It is a window that extends to the floor. This also means that our balcony doors are built exactly like our windows. With the same advantages, the same security, the same convertibility. And of course, always made of wood or wood-aluminum.

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flexible and changeable

Whether narrow or wide, with one or two leaves - a balcony door can be adapted very flexibly to a wide variety of conditions. Combined with fixed glazing, entire window fronts are created that open up the room to the outside.

The advantages of balcony doors



We manufacture completely filigree balcony doors with glazing bars for old buildings or large-sized balcony doors with fixed elements for new buildings.



Whether 70 cm narrow or 1.20 m wide, with one or two leaves - a balcony door is versatile and flexible.



We can also design our balcony doors to be barrier-free with a low floor threshold on request.

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Wood and wood-aluminium

We can manufacture all our balcony doors in wood or wood-aluminum.



We can manufacture our balcony doors in RC 1, RC 2 and RC 3 resistance classes if required.

Frequently asked questions about our balcony doors

How to get our products

Step 1


You provide us with initial information about your building project. You are welcome to send us a quick and easy e-mail to

step 2


We forward your inquiry to one of our qualified partners in your area.

step 3


Our partner will provide you with expert advice on products and features at your location and can prepare a proposal. We encourage all partners to also provide installation services directly or indirectly, or assist in sourcing local trained and qualified installers.

step 4


As soon as we receive the order, we manufacture your windows and doors to size. After delivery, our partner installs them.