Lift-and-slide doors

Up to twelve metres wide. With sliding elements weighing up to 400 kilograms. One thing is certain: Lift-and-slide doors are the ultimate solution when it comes to creating generous and light-flooded access to your patio. They are the A-class among patio doors.

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Versatile lift-and-slide doors

The advantages of lift-and-slide doors



Our lift-and-slide doors can be opened and closed easily, even when panel weights are heavy.


full of variety

Our lift-and-slide doors are available with one or two movable panels and with one or two fixed panels.



Our standard floor threshold is only 50 mm by default. An optional additional part can bring it to floor level.



Foamed silicone seals, hollow chamber seals and system sealing rails provide outstanding protection against driving rain.



Our lift-and-slide door is also available in RC2 standard. It has four locking bolts, a lockable handle, and three rear grip guards.

Frequently asked questions about the lift-and-slide door

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