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Alte Post Gießen

Restoration of listed windows

  • Monument protection
  • Restoration

Around 800 restored panels, plus around 200 new windows based on a historic model: For the historic buildings "Old Post Office" and "Old Telegraph Office" in Giessen, we were able to prove all our experience in the field of historic preservation.

After a long period of uncertainty, two historically significant listed buildings in Giessen dating from 1863 and 1925 underwent core renovations starting in 2019. The exterior of the Alte Post was preserved during the renovation. Since 2021, the buildings have been home to restaurants and businesses.

800 new old panels

We restored a total of 795 sash windows for both buildings - including eight-panel box-type windows with skylights for the telegraph office - and fabricated 200 new windows based on the historic originals.

The restoration tasks we undertook included repairing of wood profiles, applying a new finish, glazing and sealing, as well as sandblasting and oiling the old hardware. At the construction site, we took care of hanging the panels and making them operable.

Alte Post Gießen Sorpetaler Fenster

With sensitivity and clever solutions

Logistics initially posed a particular challenge. "Window A has to go back into opening B after the restoration. That sounds banal, but with such a large quantity of window panels, very good organisation and a systematic approach are required," explains Philipp Conze, our staff member responsible for the Giessen project.

In addition, bespoke solutions are often required. "Depending on the situation, a window cannot simply be restored according to a pattern. It takes a lot of intuition and sometimes a dose of creativity," Conze continues. "As a manufacturer of custom-made windows and doors, however, we are very well positioned in this regard."

Philipp Conze was particularly amazed at how well preserved the windows were, some of them over 150 years old. "A project like this once again demonstrates just how durable - and therefore sustainable - wood is. In any case, I've never stood in front of an old plastic window and thought 'It's worth refurbishing'."

Old buildings in new splendor