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Sorpetaler Schiebefenster Holz Walddörfer Gymnasium

Historical sliding windows replicated

  • Monument protection
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The Walddörfer Gymnasium, a secondary school in Hamburg Volksdorf, is located in a building dating back to 1928, which has been undergoing gradual renovation since 2016.

The challenge here: The building is a listed building and has to be adjusted to modern standards in accordance with special regulations regarding the protection of historic monuments. We took on the challenge and equipped the Hamburg school with 167 new vertical sliding windows that look almost exactly like the originals. In addition, we had our partner Tischlerei Bauer repair around 15 vertical sliding windows from the period of construction.

The refurbishment of the vertical sliding windows at the Walddörfer Gymnasium required a sensitive approach. Both the specifications of the local historic preservation authority and the special architecture of the original sliding windows presented real challenges.”

Christian Predeick, Project Supervisor

The Walddörfer Gymnasium: More than just a school

The architecture of the school is based on reform pedagogy. Its founder, the Hamburg architect Fritz Schumacher, wanted to create an educational institution in different respects: the architecture itself was to demand and encourage creativity. The complete renovation, which started in 2016, had to do justice to that spirit. The model shown comes from the estate of Fritz Schumacher (photo below: Adolf Dransfeld - Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Hamburg).


Historic sliding windows from the early 20th century

The sliding windows of the Walddörfer Gymnasium are also part of the spirit of reform pedagogy. It was therefore first established to what extent the old windows could be preserved and repaired. In the case of the renovation of the north wing, this involved about 15 original sliding windows. A further 167 sliding windows were newly manufactured by us according to strict specifications based on the original elements.

New vertical sliding windows based on the historical model

The historic preservation requirements for the new sliding windows were very extensive. For example, the wooden transoms had to be adapted to the existing windows with a maximum visible width of 160mm. The casing trims also had to be modelled on what existed already. In addition, the sliding system for the movable had to be designed in such a way that it was completely concealed within the casing boxes in order to conform as much as possible with the historic sliding window.

Walddörfer Gymnasium
Walddorfer Gymnasium Denkmalfenster

Vertical sliding windows in compliance with monument protection guidelines

After an intense planning phase in close coordination with the responsible historic preservation authorities, 167 new vertical sliding windows were installed by late autumn of 2018, allowing the previously renovated north wing of the Walddörfer Gymnasium to shine in new splendour, yet faithful to its original appearance. At the same time, the new windows meet modern standards in terms of operability, durability as well as thermal insulation.

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