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High-quality wood and aluminium-clad windows

It's all about style. Your choice of new windows reflects your identity and personal lifestyle. Whether building new or renovating, decisions such as the material, design and colour of your windows have a big impact on the aesthetics of your home. Wood windows and aluminium clad windows by Sorpetaler are like your projects: unique.

Wood windows

Wood windows combine aesthetics with functionality, and they represent ecological and natural living. That makes them an ideal choice both for traditional older buildings and modern new-builds. Think long-term: buying wood windows is worth it!

Wood windows
Aluminium-clad windwos

Aluminium-clad windwos

Natural wood can be paired with aluminium to produce a very special mix of materials. A design highlight particularly suited to modern buildings, our aluminium-clad windows are also strong, stable and exceptionally easy to care for.

windows for special requirements

windows for special requirements

At Sorpetaler, every window is created to order by expert craftspeople, using state-of-the-art technology and machinery. We are able to produce the highest-quality windows for any project – even those with very special requirements.


Customers looking for new windows often require exterior doors as well. For this reason, we have applied our expertise to offer a wide and varied range of wood and aluminium-clad patio doors, balcony doors and entry doors.



Founders of Sorpetaler Fensterbau


Sorpetaler wood windows: craftsmanship at its best

Making wooden windows with passion - for over 100 years

Wood is an attractive material that’s wonderful to work with. For decades, our master craftspeople have been making one of the most sophisticated products that can be built out of wood: windows!

Sorpetaler started out in 1880 as a small carpenter’s workshop in rural Germany. We are now a modern company with 65 employees and state-of-the-art machinery. A passion for working with wood and the desire to make products of the highest quality remain to this day.



why buy wooden windows?

There are many aspects to consider when buying new windows – whether you’re building a new home or renovating an older property: What style of windows best suits your building? What ambience do you want to create in the living space? Are energy efficiency and sustainability priorities for you? What level of security do you require? 

Then there’s the question of what material you want your windows to be made out of. That, too, is a matter of taste. But the main thing is that you are fully satisfied with the windows and their functionality. At Sorpetaler, we have always used only wood to make our windows and doors, because this natural construction material is unsurpassed when it comes to design flexibility, sustainability, a positive energy balance and a healthy home environment.

Make your ideas a reality!

Wood is great to work with and easy to shape, which means we can accommodate customers’ individual wishes – from tall double-opening windows with fanlights, to elegantly proportioned sash windows with vertical muntins in the upper third, or even coupled ribbon glazing with lower lights. No other material is as versatile as wood in this respect. When you buy from us, instead of generic off-the-shelf products, you get custom-made wooden windows and doors that match your requirements exactly.

Energy-efficient construction and refurbishment 

Because windows are where most energy is lost in a home, they are a critical factor in energy-efficient construction and refurbishment projects. When choosing windows, it is important to consider not only the frame thickness and type of glazing, but also the frame material. In this regard, we can only recommend wood. Wood naturally provides highly effective insulation.

Wooden windows are durable and sustainable. 

When it comes to durability and sustainability, wooden windows offer many advantages. Unlike other materials, wood is produced entirely by energy from the sun. It is a renewable resource, and, as such, is good for the environment. It absorbs CO2 while growing, and so has a positive impact on your environmental footprint. What’s more, wooden windows can be repaired, are virtually impervious to temperature extremes, and therefore offer superior dimensional stability.

If you have special weather-resistance requirements, Sorpetaler also offer wooden windows fitted with an exterior aluminium shell. From severe cold to sweltering heat, wood-aluminium windows can withstand any weather and are unbeatably easy to look after.

Wood for natural living

If you’ve ever holidayed in a Swedish log cabin or an Alpine chalet, you will have experienced the unique atmosphere that wood creates. Wood has a fragrant scent and a very special look and feel. An excellent insulator, wood helps ensure your home or apartment stays warm in winter and cool in summer. Wood also acts as a natural indoor humidity regulator, absorbing excess moisture and releasing it back into the room. 

Why choose wooden windows from Sorpetaler?

Because we know what we do. At Sorpetaler, we have over 130 years of experience in timber construction. From our beginnings as a rural carpenter’s workshop, our business specialised in making wooden windows and wooden doors back in the 1950s. To the present day, we maintain this tradition of expert craftsmanship that our firm has developed over decades. We strive for the best possible quality – from our selection of materials, to the care, precision and quality assurance that go into production, to meeting deadlines and intelligent project management. That’s why we say, if you want to buy high-quality wooden windows that will make you happy throughout their lifetime, talk to us!