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A front door reflects your lifestyle

Perhaps more than any other element in your home, your front door makes a statement about you and how you live. That’s why we believe wood is the ideal material for our front doors, too. A high-quality, visually appealing wooden front door speaks volumes about your lifestyle. Whether contemporary, traditional, designer or opulent – we make wooden front doors to suit everyone’s home.


Traditional Sorpetaler wooden front door in a Berlin villa.


Front doors by Sorpetaler: as individual as your project

As specialists in wooden front doors, we don’t supply doors off the shelf. Instead, you get a front door that suits your individual tastes. We build your custom door according to your wishes and specifications. For new-builds and renovations with a contemporary look, our single-panel doors are ideal. Our framed-panel doors offer a more traditional appearance – but with modern technology and effective break-in protection. Our wood-aluminium doors are highly attractive and especially resistant to the elements: on the inside, wood radiates warmth and comfort, while an exterior aluminium shell keeps the wind and weather out.


Traditional country home with a modern Sorpetaler entry door.


State-of-the-art front door technology, paired with sophisticated design

State-of-the-art front door technology, paired with sophisticated design

Sorpetaler front doors don’t just look good, they are also extremely secure and protect your home against intruders. High-grade heat-insulating glass and a five-point deadbolt locking system in conjunction with solid swing bolts and adjustable sturdy 3-D hinges mean that our doors come with a high level of protection as standard. You decide how much extra protection and additional comfort you desire. From day latches and edge gap guards to automatic mechanisms and e-openers, the choice is yours.


Sorpetaler modern wood entry door system


Front doors by Sorpetaler – beautiful, secure & individual

A front door is probably the single most significant architectural element in any house. Not until you step inside your front door have you really arrived home. Buying a front door is an investment for life – one that deserves your special attention and a personal touch. 

A front door that looks good and matches the style of the building creates a positive, welcoming first impression on guests and occupants. At the same time, a front door needs to provide reliable protection against the wind, cold, and intruders. Our wooden and wood-aluminium front doors meet all of these requirements. They are also masterpieces of craftsmanship – made individually according to your wishes and specifications.

The right material: wood is an all-rounder

When deciding on the specifications for your front door, you need to make sure that it suits you and your home. Wooden or wood-aluminium doors are best for achieving this. Wood is a highly versatile, shapeable material that is great to work with. By choosing the type of wood and possibly a combination with aluminium elements, you can create additional design accents. In terms of their tactile qualities, wooden and wood-aluminium doors are much more appealing than plastic products.

Should I choose a wooden or a wood-aluminium front door?

Various criteria come into play when choosing the right material for your front door. Of course aesthetic considerations are important: Are you going for a smart, contemporary look? Then aluminium wins out over any other material. Or is traditional and cosy more your style? Then wooden framed-panel doors could be right up your street. These models are also frequently used when refurbishing older properties and restoring listed buildings. The important thing is that the front door fits your project and blends harmoniously with the building to create a good overall impression.

Another point to consider is your door’s technical performance. When it comes to security and technology, our wooden and wood-aluminium front doors both meet the same very high standards. Both types have excellent sound and heat insulation characteristics. The main difference is that with their exterior aluminium shell, wood-aluminium doors are extremely resilient to the weather and unbeatably easy to care for. 

Keeping out the cold, wind and weather

What if you want to let light into the building, but without sacrificing thermal insulation? Couldn’t be easier. All light openings in our wooden and wood-aluminium doors use energy-efficient glass with a U value of 1.1 W/m² K, which can additionally be combined with burglar-proof glass or special glazing (e.g. ornamental, sand-blasted or leaded).

To protect against wind and weather, sealing strips are fitted into the door – a silicone overlap seal on four sides and three-sided frame seal – giving draughts no chance. The thermally separated aluminium bottom rail allows for easier accessibility and also prevents thermal bridges.

Types of wood for our front doors

All our front doors are strongly constructed by skilled craftspeople using solid timber such as meranti, oak and pine. Other types of wood are available on request.