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Patio doors – the gateway to your outdoor living space

Owners of modern and older properties alike are increasingly opening up their living space into the garden. The best way to do this is with a smartly planned patio door system. Your interior floor plan will usually determine the most suitable inside-outside transition to your garden, patio or balcony. The possibilities are many – ranging from single or double balcony doors to large lift and slide doors, parallel sliding-tilting doors, and even folding door systems. Naturally made out of wood – the sustainable building material for a comfortable living environment.

patio doors open up your home

patio doors open up your home

Especially in summer, the right choice of patio doors can make your indoor and outdoor space feel like one big room. Lift and slide doors or folding door systems employing sophisticated technology are particularly effective at blurring the boundaries between inside and outside.

which patio door is right for your home?

Whether it’s new homes, period properties, open-plan living areas, small cosy rooms, patios, decking, or balconies – Sorpetaler makes patio doors for every situation. Think about which elements best suit your home and fit your requirements – lift and slide doors, parallel sliding-tilting doors, balcony doors or a folding door system – and then contact us so we can help you decide.


Filgrane classical wood muntin balcony door


Important points when choosing a patio door

Choosing the right patio door – like choosing suitable windows – depends on various factors including your personal preferences, the individual construction project, and the interior layout. The first step is to answer some key questions: What kind of ambience do I want to create? How much space is available? What type of windows do I have? Is step-free access required?

We can help you answer these questions. But above all, with our made-to-measure patio doors, we can match your individual needs.

A patio door that’s right for your building project

Do you want to bring natural light into your home? And create a flowing transition between inside and outside? Both are possible with Sorpetaler lift and slide doors and folding door systems.

We offer various designs and models of lift and slide doors. The standard type has one fixed section and one sliding part, which opens smoothly and effortlessly parallel to the fixed window element. A second variant comprises two fixed elements and double sliding doors. This type of patio door allows an opening width of up to 6 metres with an overall length of up to 12 metres. Folding door systems, on the other hand, can be folded back like a concertina, and they open across the full width. This type of door is ideal for opening into a conservatory, for example.

If your interior space is limited, parallel sliding-tilting doors could be the right choice. Unlike a conventional balcony door, the door leaf simply slides to one side rather than swinging open into the room. Viewed from outside, this type of door looks like a window element, so it blends perfectly into the facade. The door tilts open for easy ventilation.

Sorpetaler balcony doors are the first choice for refurbishing older buildings. We can produce designs with muntins, segmental arches and drip edges, according to customer needs. We can also accommodate specific requirements for protected historic buildings, and match the balcony door to the design of the windows in your listed building.

Wooden or wood-aluminium patio doors? 

Sorpetaler lift and slide doors, parallel sliding-tilting doors and balcony doors are available in wood and wood-aluminium. Deciding which material is better for your project is a question of style and the specific circumstances.

Our wooden and wood-aluminium patio doors both offer optimal heat and sound insulation. Wooden and wood-aluminium patio doors are on a par when it comes to ambience and comfort, since the wood-aluminium design still provides the pleasant warmth of wood on the inside.

If the balcony or patio is particularly exposed to the elements or if you want a design that is exceptionally easy to care for, then wood-aluminium patio doors could be what you’re looking for. They are extremely weather-proof and resilient, which reduces maintenance to a minimum.

Accessibility requirements

If you require step-free access to your balcony or patio, Sorpetaler balcony doors or lift and slide doors are the right choice. Our balcony doors can be fitted with a special floor rail that allows for easy wheelchair access. Sorpetaler lift and slide doors have a very low threshold in any case. But these doors can also be installed so that this rail is flush with the floor.

Do you have any questions?

If there is anything more you would like to know about patio doors, please feel free to contact us directly. Or click here to request a no-obligation quotation.